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Celiac Disease Phenotype in Clinically Diagnosed Romanian Adults and Children

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Background: Once considered a disease of childhood, celiac disease (CD) is now seen quite frequently in adults also, but with different and various clinical presentation. Little data is currently available about pediatric and adult CD features in Romanian patients.

Material and Methods: 38 newly-diagnosed CD patients (17 adults and 21 children) were recruited for this study. The two groups (adult and pediatric) were compared regarding demographic, clinical, serologic and histological data.

Results: Regarding demographic data, female gender was predominant in both groups (71% and 67% respectively). Median age was 42 (range 23-83) in the adult CD group and 4 (1-17) in the pediatric CD group. Classic presentation was more frequently seen in children than adults (62% vs. 53%). Altered liver function tests, anemia and iron deficiency were more prevalent in the pediatric group. Children with CD also had higher titers of tTG antibodies (81% over 200 U/l, compared to 29% adults) and a higher frequency of destructive histology on small bowel biopsy (95% Marsh>3a, compared to 76% adults).

Conclusion: Significant differences in pediatric and adult CD were seen in our study cohort, regarding clinical, laboratory and histological parameters. CD manifests differently in children and adults.

Keywords: celiac disease, diagnose

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