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Depression, Anxiety, Quality of Life and Sexual Dysfunction in Zabol Women with Infertility

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Nowadays, infertility is one of the health issues in public health. Women with infertility suffer from a wide range of psychological problems. The goal of this study was to evaluate depression, sexual dysfunction and quality of life in Iranian women with infertility. In this study, 189 infertile women enrolled. All participants were asked to fill valid and reliable Persian versions of Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), SF-36 and female sexual function index (FSFI).
Mean age and mean duration of marriage were 28±5.9 and 5.9±0.3 years, respectively. One hundred and fifteen (60.8%) women had primary infertility and the remaining subjects (39.2%) secondary infertility. Mean BDI, BAI, FSFI and their domains as well as quality of life subscales were not significantly different between the two groups. There was a significant correlation between BDI, BAI, FSFI and subscales and domains of quality of life. Women with either primary or secondary infertility did not differ in terms of depression, anxiety, sexual function and quality of life domains.
Keywords: infertility, depression, anxiety, sexual function, quality of life

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