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Diaphragmatic Eventration: Autopsy Case Report

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Presented case was a 36-year-old deceased man with a sequel of poliomyelitis who was reportedly found death at home. On external examination at autopsy, deformity of the lower extremity secondary to polimyelitis, and an obliquely coursing scar tissue 5 cm in length at the same level with the costal arch on the right axillary line were seen. On internal examination at autopsy, diaphragmatic eventration caused by bilateral elevation of the diaphragm towards thoracic cavity was detected. On the left side, stomach, spleen, and small intestines, and on the right side liver were pushed into the thoracic cavity. Cause of death was reported as heart failure of the patient with bilateral diaphragmatic eventration. We aimed to discuss rarely encountered diaphragmatic eventration in autopsy practice from a perspective of forensic medicine.

Keywords: diaphragm, eventration, forensic autopsy, poliomyelitis

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