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Expression of Bcl-2, Melan A and HMB-45 in Dysplastic Nevi

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Background: From the first recognition of dysplastic nevi as a pathology per se, many debates have been raised and many histological and immunohistological studies have been conducted in order to establish the true significance of these lesions. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish if there is a correlation between HMB-45, Melan A and Bcl-2 expression and the grade of dysplasia, as well as between the marker’s staining patterns.

Material and Methods: Ten dysplastic nevi from six female patients were selected and their histological features (size, dysplasia), as well as the immunohistological staining patterns, were studied (HMB-45, Melan A, Bcl-2). The Pearson correlation coefficient and regression was calculated with Windows Excel Data Analysis.

Results: We demonstrated that there was a notable correlation between the dysplasia and the size of the lesions (r(8)= 0.62 with p-value= 0.052), and also between Melan A and Bcl-2 (a r(6)= 0.73, p<0.05), but we did not obtain a statistically significant correlation between other features (p>0.05).

Conclusions: We can affirm, at least in our cases, there is a correlation between the grade of dysplasia and the size of the lesion, and also, that there is a correlation between Melan A and Bcl-2 staining, explained by MITF gene. These results were only partial concordant with those in other studies, therefore a larger number of cases is recommended to be further analyzed in order to clearly draw a conclusion.

Keywords: dysplastic nevi, Bcl-2, Melan A, HMB-45, imunohistological stains

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