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Plagiatul – in actualitate

Tema plagiatului este tot mai mult discutata in ultima vreme. Aparitia unor programe performante de cautare si identificare a similitudinilor intre texte [...]

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CONTENTS    Volume 2, No. 2, 2007                         

ORIGINAL PAPERS: CLINICAL OR BASIC RESEARCHPredictors for nosocomial infections found through prevalence retrospective study in neurosurgical units from Bucharest, Romania, 2004
Niculae Ion-Nedelcu, Laurentia Velea, Flaviu Plata

Cytogenetic abnormalities and reproductive failures
Agripina Lungeanu, Adriana Stana, Aurora Arghir, Maria Bari, Magdalena Budisteanu

CASE REPORTSPapillary fibroelastoma of the aortic valve associated with cerebral embolism in a 91-year old woman. Image in Medicine
Tudor C. Poerner, Dirk Prochnau, Björn Goebel, Christiane Schmidt-Winter, Hans-Reiner Figulla

EDITORIALSSome immunological changes in elderly subjects
Manole Cojocaru, Inimioara Mihaela Cojocaru

Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis - current trends
Ecaterina Bontas, Delia Timofte, Mario Parreno Caparros, Dorin Ionescu, Daniela Bartos, Dan Olteanu, Maria Dorobantu

STATE-OF-THE-ARTTo horizon: The use of synthetic O blood group in practical substitutive therapy
Anca Roxana Lupu, Anca Ciobanu, Oana Ciocan, Mihaela Closca-Gheorghiu, Carmen Saguna, Irina Carausu

Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease (Hip osteonecrosis)
Horia Bogdan Orban, Razvan Adam

Cord blood stem cells. Where do we stand?
Ana Maria Vladareanu, Doina Mihailescu, Rodica Tudosa, Mona Zvanca, Radu Vladareanu

REPORTS ON MAJOR CONGRESSES2nd World Congress on Gender Specific Medicine and Ageing. The Endocrine impact. Rome, 8-11 March 2007
Eugen Pascal Ciofu

JOURNAL CLUBDoes weight loss improve the outcome in the obese persons?
Vlad Vintila

Insulin regimen in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients with poor glycemic control
Vlad Vintila

Homocysteine - modest risk factor for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism 
Claudiu Stoicescu

Atorvastatin therapy improves endothelial-dependent vasodilation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Stefania Magda

Leisure time activity and new onset of wheezing during adolescence 
Stefania Magda

High levels of NK cells in patients with anti-phospholipid syndrome and recurrent spontaneous abortion: a potential new marker for fetal loss 
Roxana Sisu

Echocardiography-based score to improve risk stratification before renal transplantation - Roxana Sisu
Roxana Sisu

Chest-compression only cardiac resuscitation is superior to compression-ventilation technique 
Andrei Dumitru Margulescu

Interventional treatment for stable angina pectoris is not superior to medical treatment
Andrei Dumitru Margulescu

The optimal pacing strategy in sinus sick syndrome
Andrei Dumitru Margulescu

Indraparinux for the treatment of thromboembolic disease
Andrei Dumitru Margulescu




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