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Prevalence of Enterovirus Meningitis in Children: Report from a Tertiary Center

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Meningitis is the most frequent infection of the central nervous system and viruses are the most common agents. Enteroviruses are among the most important causative agents. The goal of this study was to determine Coxsackievirus and echovirus infections in children referred to Bahrami Hospital with the diagnosis of meningitis. Forty children with the diagnosis of meningitis, who were referred between January 2017 and February 2018, were evaluated. Forty cases were evaluated. Twenty two (55%) were males and 18 (45%) females (M/F=2.1). The most common age group was 0-4 years and most cases were admitted in autumn and summer. Entroviruses are the causative agent of meningitis in 26 (65%) cases, including coxsackieviruse type B5 in 18 (69%) and coxsackieviruse type B4 in 2 (10%). Six meningitis cases were caused by echoviruses (30%). In both coxsackievirus and echovirus groups, the most frequent age group was less than four years. Among the 26 cases with enterovirus infection, three were admitted in spring (11.5%), eight in summer (30.7%), 10 in autumn (38.4%) and five (19.2%) in winter.
The most common symptoms in cases with entroviruses infection were fever in 26 (100%) patients and nausea/vomiting in 18 (69.2%). Entroviruses are among the most common viral infections leading to meningitis in Iranian children. Rapid diagnosis will result in early and proper treatment.
Keywords: meningitis, viral, children, Iran.

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