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Traumatic Dorsal Hematoma in Spinal Ligament



Only a few publications regarding traumatic hematoma in spinal ligament have been reported compared to spontaneous spinal hematoma. This type of bleeding is classically associated with bone fracture and/or the presence of haemostasis abnormalities.

However, in our case the patient presented with traumatic dorsal hematoma in spinal ligament without any associated disc or bone lesion, and no crasis problems. We report a case of a 50-year-old man, who was a victim of a car accident. Neurological examination revealed paraplegia and hypoesthesia below the T4 sensory dermatome. Spinal magnetic resonance imaging revealed an acute hematoma in spinal ligament extending from T5 to T7with spinal cord compression. The patient was not operated; the evolution was marked by spontaneous resorption of hematoma with the gradual recovery of the neurological deficit using functional reeducation.

Keywords: traumatic, hematoma, spinal ligament

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