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Comparative Evaluation of Intra-Operative Peritoneal Lavage with Super Oxidized Solution and Normal Saline in Peritonitis Cases; Randomized Controlled Trial

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Aim: To investigate the efficacy of super-oxidized solution (SOS) over normal saline in peritonitis cases.
Our objectives are to present the potential clinical impact of intraperitoneal lavage with solutions for early recovery of the patient by reducing the infection rate.
Material and methods: A double-blind random clinical trial was performed in 240 cases diagnosed as peritonitis at MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mullana, Ambala, India, from December 2013 to November 2015. Subjects were categorized into 2 groups, i.e. 120 cases in the group I and 120 cases in the group II. Both the groups underwent peritoneal lavage; the group I underwent normal saline lavage and group II received SOS. The effectiveness of both the solutions was compared.
Results: In both the groups majority of the patients (50.0%) were in the 21 – 40 years of age. The mean age in our study was 45.28 years, median was 45 and the standard deviation was 14.07. The bacterial load was higher in the group II as compared to the group I after the lavage with SOS solution. The superficial wound infection rate was higher in the group II (48 cases) compared to the group I (32). These data was significant with p value (0.040). Wound pain was found in 59 cases in group II as compared to 42 in group I. This difference was found to be statistically significant with p value 0.036. Post-operatively the morbidity and mortality was less in the group I as compared to group II.
Conclusion: SOS significantly reduced the wound pain and infection hence resulting in early recovery. SOS is a high level disinfectant, non-flammable and no special training is required to handle it.
Keywords: Peritonitis; peritoneal lavage; solutions; normal saline; infection

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