MÆDICA - a Journal of Clinical Medicine | Volume 4(7) No.4 2009
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CONTENTS    Volume 4, No. 4, 2009                         

ORIGINAL PAPERSFirst Romanian registry of safety and effectiveness of drug eluting stent implantation in the real world scenario (RODESINO Registry) 
C. Stoicescu; A. Burlacu; V. Vintila; C. Udroiu; N. Florescu; O. Parvu; M. Cinteza; D. Vinereanu

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase A1298C polymorphism and male infertility in a Romanian population group
Marius-Florin Farcas; Adrian Pavel Trifa; Mariela Militaru; Flaviu Andrei Csernik; Tania Crisan; Ioan Victor Pop; Radu Anghel Pop

Soft tissue infections: risk factors in diabetes mellitus patients
Eduard Lucian Catrina; Sorin Aldoescu; Traian Patrascu

EDITORIALSAntimicrobial functions of the human cathelicidin hCAP18
Simona Alexandra Iacob

The role of fetal echocardiography in changing prognosis at birth in congenital heart diseases
Eliza Cinteza

Pregnancy and autoimmunity
Manole Cojocaru; Inimioara Mihaela Cojocaru; Isabela Silosi

STATE OF THE ARTRotaviral gastroenteritis in infants and small children
Ioan Gherghina; Dumitru Matei; Eliza Cinteza; Mihai Craiu; Alexis Cochino; Mirela Covacescu; Diana Damian; Doina Cana; Denisa Leu

CASE REPORTSA study of the hematological picture and of platelet function in preeclampsia - report of a series of cases
Minodora Onisai, Ana-Maria Vladareanu, Horia Bumbea, Mihai Ciorascu, Ciprian Pop, Cristian Andrei, Anca Nicolescu, Irina Voican, Sorin Vasilescu, Lucica Visan, Ion Ionut Adrian, Valerica Horhoianu, Bogdan Marinescu, Radu Vladareanu

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) with hepatic metastases
Claudia Hagiu; Alexandru Serban; Zeno Spirchez; Alina Buliarca; Andrada Seicean; Vasile Andreica

Giant multifocal thyroid tumor
Claudiu Nistor; Mihnea Davidescu; Adrian Ciuche; Ovidiu Rus; Augustin Tudose; Florina Vasilescu; Teodor Horvat

JOURNAL CLUBNew cardiac troponin T assay in stable coronary artery disease
Roxana Sisu

Stent thrombosis after drug-eluting stent implantation - relation to Clopidogrel discontinuation
Vlad Vintila

Revascularization versus medical therapy for renal-artery stenosis
Nora Toma

In-hospital treatment of obstructive sleep apnea could be an important additional method for the management of many patients with heart failure decompensation
Natalia Patrascu

A Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Vaccine in Various Age Groups
Stefania Magda

Prophylactic paracetamol lowers the effect of childhood vaccines
Alexandru Burlacu

Antibiotic prophylaxis of symptomatic urinary tract infections in children is modestly effective in preventing recurrences
Andrei D. Margulescu



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