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CONTENTS    Volume 10, No. 2, 2015                         

EDITORIAL POINT OF VIEWReverse remodeling: does this work?

ORIGINAL PAPERSNew echocardiographic protocol for the assessment of experimental myocardial infarction in rats
Ruxandra DRAGOI GALRINHO, Andrea Olivia CIOBANU, Roxana Cristina RIMBAS, Catalin MANOLE, Bogdan MARINESCU, Dragos VINEREANU

Association of leukotriene C4 synthase A-444C polymorphism with asthma and asthma phenotypes in Romanian population
Elena Camelia BERGHEA, Luis O. POPA, Monica I. DUTESCU, Mihaela MEIROSU, Ileana C. FARCASANU, Florian BERGHEA, Constantin BARA, Olivia M. POPA

Clostridium difficile associated disease: burden of and predictors for in hospital fatal outcome. Results of a hospital-based study, Bucharest, Romania
Niculae ION-NEDELCU, Petre Iacob CALISTRU, Emanoil CEAUSU

Pneumo-renal syndrome in Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasm Antibody (ANCA)-associated small-vessel vasculitis
Iuliana ANDREIANA, Simona STANCU, Andreea AVRAM, Ludmila TARAN, Gabriel MIRCESCU

Is serum prostate-specific antigen a diagnostic marker for benign and malignant breast tumors in women?

Treatment of anterior instability of the shoulder
Marius VLASE, Razvan ENE, Daniela OPRIS, Cătălin CIRSTOIU

Treatment options for distal femoral fractures
Olivera LUPESCU, Mihail NAGEA, Cristina PĂTRU, Cornelia VASILACHE, Gheorghe Ion POPESCU

CASE REPORTSGiant cardiac mass detected to an infant with normal fetal echography and no systolic murmur in early postnatal evolution
Georgiana NICOLAE, Alin NICOLESCU, Ana-Maria VINTILA, Adriana DIACONU, Andreea ANDRONACHE, Gabriela DUICA, Eliza CINTEZA, Cristina FILIP

A rare case of benign xanthogranuloma located on the uterine cervix - a case report
Monica CIRSTOIU, Luminita Elena MITRACHE, Manuela POPA, Nicoleta Corina MEHOTIN, Maria SAJIN, Catalin CIRSTOIU

Disseminated CMV and tuberculosis infection with osseous metaplasia in a presumable crohn’s patient: case report
Oana Maria PATRASCU, Monica CIRSTOIU, Anca Mihaela LAZAROIU , Adrian Vasile DUMITRU, Andreea Elena MIHAI, Manuela POPA, Anca DIMITRIU, Maria SAJIN, Mariana COSTACHE, Andreea ILIESIU

Galactorrhea. Report of two cases
Deepti CHOPRA, Shridhar DWIVEDI

Retroperitoneal liposarcoma: an autopsy case
Filiz EREN, Murat Serdar GÜRSES, Nursel Türkmen İNANIR, Bülent EREN, Tomas VOJTISEK

Death due to myocardial bridging
M. Numan URAL, Filiz Eren, N. Esra SAKA, Nursel Türkmen İNANIR, Bülent EREN, Tomas VOJTISEK, Murat Serdar GÜRSES

EDITORIALSPAI-1 inhibition – another therapeutic option for cardiovascular protection
Monica Mariana BALUTA, Marius Marcian VINTILA

Usefulness and importance of informatics solution in evaluating disability - starting point for physical and rehabilitation medicine - draft application
Nida-Alexandra COJAN-CARLEA, Cristian Marius COJOCARU, Adrian BIGHEA, Florina POPA, Mihai BERTEANU

Transplacental transmission of Human Papillomavirus
Anca Florina ZGURA, Elvira BRATILA, Simona VLADAREANU

STATE OF THE ARTClostridium difficile colitis in trauma patients – a global step by step review
Silviu MORTEANU, Georgiana CHIRT, Mircea BEURAN

The impact of 2-(18) Fluoro-2-Deoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (FDG-PET/CT) in treatment strategy of Hodgkin Lymphoma – current hematologic concepts
Oana STANCA, Anca Roxana LUPU, Anca CIOBANU, Irina TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, Cecilia GHIMICI, Ileana Delia MUT

Paraoxonase 1 – an update of the antioxidant properties of High-Density Lipoproteins
Bogdan Nicolae MANOLESCU, Carmina BUSU, Daniela BADITA, Ruxandra STANCULESCU, Mihai BERTEANU

All about imagistic exploration in cholesteatoma
Mariana COMAN, Alexandru COMAN, Dan-Cristian GHEORGHE

Breast cancer immunotherapy
Erika SCHNEBLE, Dan-Corneliu JINGA, George E. PEOPLES



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