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Concomitant Lung and Liver Hydatid Cyst Managed as One-Stage Surgery

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Objective: Over the world, hydatidosis is endemic in many countries. It is more prevalent in Turkey. We came across with concomitant hydatidosis of the lung and liver and reviewed the management.
Material and Methods: This is a prospective study that was carried out in the Government Medical College and Hospital, sector-32, Chandigarh, India, between 2004 and 2010, in the Department of Surgery. A total of five patients diagnosed with concomitant liver and pulmonary hydatid disease underwent surgery. They were operated by thoracotomy and laparotomy in the same sitting.
Results: Hydatid cysts located in the lungs were managed by means of cystotomy and capitonnage. For liver cysts, cystotomy and inversion of the cavity with sutures was the surgical method of choice, and a drain was left in place. Excessive biliary drainage occurred in one patient who was managed successfully.
Conclusions: We believe that simultaneous management of pulmonary and hepatic cysts through the thoracic route and by laparotomy is convenient and should be encouraged in patients because this approach decreased morbidity and mortality by deferring second operation. Needle aspiration can be applied only for liver cysts but it is absolutely contraindicated in lung hydatid cysts.

Keywords: lung, liver, hydatid cyst, single-stage surgery

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