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Giant Cell Tumor of Long Bones Outcomes of Treatment Corelating with Histopathological Grade

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Introduction: Giant cell tumor (GCT) of bone is a borderline lesion of bones, meaning that in certain conditions it could be transforming in malignant tumor. This article describes the clinical outcome of patients with giant cell tumor of bone and discusses the surgical options for this lesion corelating with histopathological grade.
Material and methods: From 2007 to 2015, 15 patients who met the histological criteria of giant cell tumor of bone were treated at our institution. Diagnosis and histopathological grade were established by biopsy and extemporaneous exam during surgery. Procedure to be selected was decided based on histopathological grade. Outcomes: In all cases the joint functional results were good except 3 cases (20%) where recurrence occurred. In one case the local recurrence was observed after 6 months, and in the other 2 cases, at 3, respectively 5 years after primary treatment. In all 3 cases the initial histopathological exam showed inactive lesions and were treated with curettage and bone grafting.
Conclusion: In our series it was an early reccurence at 6 months and 2 recidives after 2 years.The histopathological exam has significant role in the management of GCT. All inactive lesions were treated by curettage and bone grafting, and active lesions, by curettage and bone cement filling no matter of Campanacci’s grading system. The management is depending mostly on histopathological exam. Low rate of recurrence can be achieved if treatment is selected according to this parameter and with a properly technique.

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