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Improvements in Cesarean Section Techniques: Arad’s Obstetrics Department Experience on Adapting the Vejnovic Cesarean Section Technique

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Objectives: Cesarean section has become recently the first choice for delivery in many clinics in Romania and worldwide. The purpose of our study is to assess the benefits of introducing the adapted Vejnovic uterine suture technique into daily practice.

Material and Methods: A total of 1703 out of the 1776 cesarean section performed in the period January, 2012 - March, 2013 in the Obstetric Department of the Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Arad were retrospectively analyzed based on the cesarean section registries, birth registries and patient’s personal medical records. We compared results between the group of patients undergoing adapted Vejnovic cesarean section technique and the group of patients operated in a classic manner.

Outcomes: The cesarean section rate in the studied period was 56.48%. Adapted Vejnovic cesarean section technique was performed in 548 cases (30.86% of the cases), furthermore in the last 3 months studied it reached 57.27%. Mean APGAR score was better in the adapted Vejnovic cesarean section group (8.43) compared with the reference group (8.34). No significant differences were seen between the two groups regarding maternal age, gestation, weeks of gestation, newborn weight, anesthesia and indications for cesarean section. Exteriorizing the uterus helped the incidental diagnosis of 35 uterine myoma, 22 adnexal masses and 13 uterine malformations.

Conclusion: In a society with a constant growth of cesarean rate, the adapted Vejnovic cesarean section technique is becoming popular amongst clinicians for its advantages, but further studies need to be developed for its standardization.

Keywords: cesarean section, uterine suture, delivery, surgical technique 

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